Doing business in different countries with different languages poses a unique set of challenges

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About MeaZone

MeaZone is an integrated platform that covers B2B and B2C. There are 3 solutions that MeaZone offers E-Commers app, MeaZone Exhibitions and MeaZone business

The idea came when we have visited multiple factories and saw the high quality of machinery that produce durable products with the highest standards. At the same time we have noticed that these companies and factories do not have the knowledge and/or expertise to export their goods. Some of the issues that face these entities are language barrier, minimal knowledge in international law, do not have the right personnel and or not having enough resources and capabilities.

That's where Meazone will excel, it will bridge this gap between Egyptian entities that want to export/import with their international counterparts.

MeaZone Business

it is a database with a search engine to quicken the result of what a company is looking for. The search could be by category and sub category or by a specific product. it is also business directory, all important information will be available. such aS contact infismation, catalogues, pictures, videos.

MeaZone Exhibitions

MeaZone Exhibitions is a solution for businesses to view upcoming exhibitions and events that we will organize, signup for them. Companies can view the requirements of upcoming events. We will be organizing these events exhibition all around the world.

MeaZone Mobile App & Website

is a B2C e-commerce application and website. gives Egyptian companies and Factories a direct access to consumers to market and sell their products. It is the first E-Commerce platform for only Egyptian companies.

What We Do

MeaZone Business Services

We at MeaZone offer many solutions and service to our members. We target, with these services and solutions, to improve the expertise and knowledge of the companies.

Business Development

Market Research



Training Courses

Match Making












Our vision

To be the digital arm to the government, to support investment, training and capacity building


Our mission

Facilitate the key business activities such as, market research Direct Match-making and networking using oUr cutting edge platform
Help SMEs to acheive the highest performance using cost effective platform and compete in the global market

Events Timeline
  • July , 2022

    Sao paulo , Brazil First pressence of MeaZone at the Economic forum Arab brazilian chamber of commerce

  • October , 2022

    Assiut , Egypt First Exhibition in Egypt that will be focused on Egyptian handmade crafts

  • November , 2022

    Amesterdam , Netherlands First international event that will be focused on Agriculture

  • March , 2023

    Sao paulo , Brazil Second international event that focuses on pharmacuticals

  • 2023


  • 2023


  • 2023


  • 2023


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